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Eurotunnel & RSPB - Bedrock Brand Partnership Agency

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle & RSPB

Giving Nature a Home

Eurotunnel have found that, although they are the obvious choice for channel crossers looking for a speedy and convenient crossing, creating an interactive experience in their terminal for younger travellers during school holidays can really boost positive views of their service.

It puts a smile on children’s faces and gives mum and dad a chance to relax after an often lengthy journey to the terminal.

So we brought in the RSPB in create a nature-themed craft experience where kids (and indeed quite a few parents) could make beautiful craft dragon flies, learn all about the nature they’d encounter on the continent, colour in pictures of their favourite creepy-crawlies and even get shown how they could give nature a home when they were back in the UK.

The RSPB’s membership team were on hand so they benefitted from a great acquisition and brand awareness opportunity, something that was so much easier with parents especially warm to the charity’s great work and the educational benefits of membership for their children.

Passengers, young and old, were given a great experience before boarding the trains and Eurotunnel benefitted from having many happy passengers in their terminal. And you can be sure those happy passengers are now more likely to book again when it’s comes to subsequent trips. Another win-win-win!