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Loyalty Programmes - Bedrock Brand Partnership Agency

Customer benefit programmes

Designed to spread happiness all around

Small things make a difference to your customers

Our low-cost benefit programmes generate goodwill and increase loyalty towards your brand

It’s a cliché, but people really do like getting something for nothing.

Many ‘reward’ programmes however, such as those based on points, require that the customer hands over their behavioural data. As a consequence, certain sections of customers may not participate, perceiving issues over privacy.

Our programmes are far simpler. We focus on straightforward discounts and value-based offers, with nothing asked in return except the customer’s continued loyalty to your brand. 

Whether it’s helping your customers save money on their morning coffee, their weekly shop, the latest trends at their favourite fashion house or even their summer break in the sun, you can be sure there’s something for everyone. So your brand has an opportunity to be front-of-mind on a regular basis.

Bedrock’s Benefits Programmes are more likely to be adopted, because your members and customers can easily see what the advantage is – they recognise that you are simply improving the experience of your product or service for them.

It means your activity will be seen for exactly what it is; you making the extra effort to give your customers that little bit more.

Delivering the feel good factor has its own rewards

With a Customer Benefit Programme in place, you will see a dynamic impact on the relationship you have with your customers. They will value your brand over others in the marketplace who simply won’t have done as much as you to create extra value.

In turn, this will become extremely valuable to the customers themselves.


Increased loyalty
Deeper engagement
Increased brand value
Lower attrition rates


We have over 100 brands who are ready to offer your customers something extra