The challenge with cold outreach

Having managed cold outreach to prospective partners for numerous clients over the years in past roles, we’ve often wondered whether there could be an easier way to go about creating the connections needed to develop successful brand partnerships.

When prospecting for clients, although we’d get there in the end, we often found ourselves down dead ends as we went about building lists of engaged potential partners.

First, there’s locating prospects on LinkedIn.

Then reaching out to them, not knowing if they’re the right contact, or indeed the decision maker.

Not knowing whether as a brand they’re in the market for new partnerships.

Or what sort of partnerships they might be open to. What sectors they might consider partnering with.

Clearly not everyone responds to cold outreach either.

Eventually we’d get through to the right contacts, however it would take a lot of time and resource to get there. Time that could certainly be better spent.

From conversations with partnership teams far and wide, we know we’re not the only ones faced with this challenge.

Could there be an easier way?

How much easier it would be had someone done all those hard yards up front – so you could instantly join a community and identify:

Brands actively in the market for new partnerships.

Their partnership objectives.

What frameworks they’re open to.

Which sectors they’re open to exploring partnerships with.

Communication channels they can offer to partners.

The assets they can bring to the table.

Their brand values.

Audience demographics.

And all the latest news and inspiration about their brands, ensuring you never miss out on any partnership opportunities that might propel your brand to the next level.

Kin – connecting brands, creating partnerships

So, the idea for Kin was born.

Our vision is to build a community that’s going to inspire the most creative partnerships, to positively impact society and popular culture.

A community that brands can join to connect with new partners more easily – and find everything they need to identify whether there’s a potential fit.

To immerse themselves in partnerships and educate themselves on best practice – to build their brands, drive sales and transform businesses.

At Kin, our mission is to dramatically reduce the time and energy brands are spending on partner outreach, so all sides can focus on activating partnerships and getting the most out of them for everyone involved.

If you’d like to join the community, simply visit the site, and create a profile.

It’s free to join.

We look forward to seeing you.